Welcome to 51 Jay Street

A collection of 75 condominiums and penthouses, set in a thoughtfully converted DUMBO warehouse. Each home finessed to a standard like nothing else around – courtesy of ODA-Architecture.

Here, honest DUMBO heritage meets chic contemporary design details. Here, every detail speaks of expert craft and fine materials. These are glamorous homes, where no facet of the design has been overlooked.

“I like the idea of embracing history in order to create the future. To make 51 Jay a residential building is an amazing thing.”

Eran Chen, Founder & Director

Courtyard Duplex

The making

DUMBO’s heritage comes to new life at 51 Jay. Steel tracks set into the polished concrete of the lobby celebrate the hard-working trolley-tracks of old. Polished black frames divide enlarged, warehouse-style windows, capturing the distinctive look of the original building.

Loft living room

Mark Jupiter

Hand-made reclaimed wood furniture
191 Plymouth Street

‘What I love most are the wet cobblestone streets after a rain storm. You go out at night and there’s no one else around ... You’re in the middle of New York, just over the bridge from Manhattan, yet here you are alone, you can reflect in complete solitude.’


Michael Pollack

Brooklyn Roasting Company
25 Jay Street

“DUMBO is a real example of all the good things that New York has to offer in probably one of the prettiest places in the city. There is density – cultural, informational, recreational, and residential, all in a really small arena. And there is no prettier vista than looking across the river and seeing Manhattan, it’s unlike any other place in the city.”


We are DUMBO

From artists and musicians to designers, chefs and craftspeople: DUMBO has long been the home for many of New York’s most creative and curious people. It’s what gives this neighborhood its distinctive, independent, confident vibe. Here are just a few of your new neighbors.


Tanya Rynd

Superfine restaurant and bar
191 Plymouth Street

Tanya started out throwing ‘Superfine Supper Clubs’ with her friends Laura Taylor and Cara Lee Sparry at their shared apartment. Now, Superfine is a terrific restaurant, set up – in true DUMBO style – in an old manufacturing parts warehouse. They focus on fresh, organic produce and do an amazing brunch: always guaranteed to please a New York audience.

“It is unlike any other neighborhood, certainly in Brooklyn”

Michael Pollack
Owner, Brooklyn Roasting Co